in BRASIL, pt 2

last night we went out to Neu, a club that a friend owns. at one point there was literally no one but us there. apparently everyone who doesn’t adore the carnival festivities takes the opportunity to travel. we made the best of it and pretended like the club was full of people. the highlight for me was when Dago played a Holger remix that begins with a sample of me singing. i remember yelling to my friends,

‘yo i’m dancing with myself!’

must thank Dago for that.

earlier in the night my friend Rita gave me some drawing paper and a selection of pens. she has retired from art. i know the feeling.
now i will attempt to create some drawings to give away as thank you’s for the hospitality i’ve received from the families of Anderson, Pata, Tche, and Arthur. Rita’s mom just brought me some coffee. i guess she’s on the list too.

other things that kept me from sleeping recently include :

the night security guy. i have never seen this individual but he rides around on what sounds like a moped with an alternating siren that sounds more like star wars than a cop car. i guess he’s supposed to scare evil doers away. this neighborhood is close to a favella.

the occasional firework setting off a chain reaction of dogs, ending with the 4 dogs in my house.

some kind of animal that sounds like E.T. screaming. that’s the closest comparison i can make.

anderson’s snoring which is some next level shit. in Brasil they call it honking in think.

and just in case you feel like sleeping when the sun is up,
there’s a hard working metal shop across the street with the world’s loudest most resonant grinder. it sounds like crocodile dentist half the time.

this is pretty funny. i managed to write and record this within the last 24 hours
to kill my substantial amount of down time:

Song for Sao Paulo by Roger Paul Mason

i was inspired by a local SP band called Twin Pines who have a song with a sing-song refrain of “cali-forni-aaaaHHHHH” and i figured one good send off deserves another. call it musical gringo revenge.
i used the only things i had access to:
a broken 4 string guitar, an old synth with a floppy disk drive, an ancient, dangerous lookingdrum machine, a P-bass, and my quietest singing voice because everyone was asleep when i finished the words.
it’s VERY SAPPY. maybe it’s that i’m working on a ROCK record that makes me make electro-pop in my spare time.
i couldn’t help but capture the nuance of the place, the banging of morning renovations,
the constant dog party, the fireworks, and my lack of a functioning cel phone.
(F you very much Verizon International)
see if you can’t miss the lyrical shout outs to Morphine and Holger.
i never thought i’d even post it but what the heck.
also, if you can, notice the 2nd chorus Axe rhythm that i slapped out on my thigh @ 3am. mega producer lol’s.