I met Holger through Dirty Projectors’ drummer Brian Mcomber. In fact, they flew me down to Sao Paulo based solely upon his recommendation that i was a nice guy and a protools wizard. Then I had the most fun of my life and helped them make a killer LP. It was like simultaneously being adopted and inducted into some sort of rock gang. SAUDADE!

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Few independent Brazilian bands are getting everyone’s attention as much as São Paulo’s Holger.

At the beginning of 2010, the five piece act locked itself in the studio with American producer Roger Paul Mason and came up with their first full length album, Sunga, released by Trama, the same label that brought CSS to the world along with artists like Tom Zé, Gal Costa and Nação Zumbi. The record incorporates a series of new elements to the band’s sound, such as synthesizers, percussion and plenty of African-Brazilian rhythms.


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“But the thing about Holger is: Cake Shop could have been overrun by rabid wolves. New York City could have crumbled into the ocean. And they’d still be one of the most enjoyable live bands out there.” – MTV Iggy (

“Best discovery of Pop Montreal” – Paste Magazine